This RESTORE Challenge is all about reconnecting to your whole self – Mind-Body-Soul. It has delicious, nourishing meals, techniques to calm your mind, move your body, manage stress and connect to your inner, most beautiful and healing self.

Each time you do one of these 7 day Be.Live.Change Challenges, you are expanding your brain, building new habits and connecting closer to your SELF.

What you THINK, you BECOME.
What you FEEL, you ATTRACT.
What you IMAGINE, you CREATE.

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With all of these changes throughout your life (and the world), you need to start taking action to create transformation in your life. This RESTORE challenge is here to help you create a healthier lifestyle that brings you more vibrancy, energy, health and inner peace so you can show up in your life as a better version of yourself.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to just live your life feeling your best, as you constantly grow and evolve through your own journey? That’s what these Challenges are all about.

Through the years I have created a program to help people BE healthier and LIVE happier so that they could make CHANGE to their life for the better. It’s some of my favorite moments watching these individuals, and even employees at corporate offices, make these powerful shifts.

The Be.Live.Change programs were created from my own journey over the past twenty-plus years. You can read all about it here.

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Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a welcome email with a Welcome Packet that includes all the information you’ll need to prepare for the challenge.

Each Be.Live.Change Challenge includes:

7-day plant-based meal plan with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

Grocery list

Meal Prep Guide

Printable daily affirmations

Wellness tool instructions

7-day journal and checklist to make the challenge an easy-to-follow routine

The BLC Journal to use throughout the week

Facebook accountability group

Breathwork Video

Wellness Tool Video

Mindful Movement Videos

Each evening during the challenge, you will receive an email with information for the next day.

You will go to bed in peace and mentally prepared for the day ahead. Each day, you can expect to receive the following from the Portal:

  • Schedule for the day with your morning and evening routines
  • Meal plan that’s plant-based with real, whole foods
  • RESTORE Wellness tool
  • RESTORE Breathwork video
  • 20-minute Mindful Movement yoga session
  • Morning meditation MP3 download
  • Evening meditation MP3 download
Join the Waitlist for the Restore Challenge

BONUS – To take this challenge a step further, there is a level-two meal plan. Instead of following the full seven-day meal plan, you will commit three days in the middle of the week to a Veg’n Out juice cleanse. I created this cleanse for Veg’n Out, so I stand by it 100%. It includes smoothies, juices and shots to help give your digestion a break and allow your liver, and every other organ, to release toxic build up.

If you choose to take level two, you can order that cleanse separately or as part of a bundle where Veg’n Out does all of the work for the week, and you won’t need to leave the house. For a single bundle price, Veg’n Out will provide the full week of pre-prepped meals and their juice cleanse directly to your door across three timely deliveries. Learn more and order online at

Bundle orders must be placed by April 18th, and juice cleanses must be placed by April 21st . For questions, email [email protected].

As you join the Be.Live.Change community, I want you to know that this challenge is not a one size fits all. It will impact your life, each day, in a positive way. You may feel more grounded by the real foods you eat, more happy with the new routines to start and end your day, more relaxed within your body from the mindful movement, or best yet, more energy and healing. This challenge will help you to CREATE CHANGE.

You will learn some amazing tools to live with more peace, happiness, gratitude and make healthier choices in fueling your mind and body each day.

Join the Waitlist for the Restore Challenge

If you sign up by April 8th then you can invest in yourself for only $39.

That’s $5 a’s like buying yourself a latte, but you’re getting WAY more benefits!

Everything you receive during the REFRESH week: the guided meditations, mindful movement videos, affirmations, wellness tool and more… are yours for an extra week! I challenge you to continue what you’ve learned this week and you will see even bigger magic happen in your life!

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What past challenge participants are saying...

I absolutely loved and needed the RENEW challenge and look forward to future challenges as well. I feel that it gave me a reset and cleanse during the week that made me feel so much better and healthier. I also have noticed that my stomach has shrunk and I am not wanting to snack all day! The audios and videos were super helpful daily, and I'm hoping I can have access to them to keep using in the weeks to come!

Elena M.

I loved loved loved the RENEW Challenge! I actually went through an emotional awakening throughout the week and feel so empowered to continue creating a life for my family that we wake up excited to grow each day!

Ashley T.

What an amazing week. Thank you for giving me the tools, the inspiration and the motivation. I am taking away habits which I will keep with me the rest of my life as part of a healthy mind and body lifestyle.

Laura S.

I'm looking forward to sharing this journey with you!